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Tigers Experience - Select'Ed - Exquisite dinner

I was Select 'ED .

Dine like the GODS ... ‘coz you are SelectED

From the age of Maharajs & Khansamas to the food cooked by our Mothers we have always craved for a customized fare within our comfort zones. When SelectED Events & Dining (SelectED) was conceptualized, the ethos and vision of what SelectED would stand for were very clear in the minds of its founders. By pushing boundaries with innovative food & stylised presentation, SelectED aims to be the architect of a perfect tailor-made experience.

“Part of the passion is having the persistence and resilience to change both your art and the way you deliver it.”

This quote by the famous marketing guru Seth Godin, completely embodies the passion that SelectED and its team are working with.

The SelectED Setting - Perfect

My Wife was Impressed from the time she entered .. and you the fact of life .. If Wife Happy Everything else Happy :)  Sorry WE WERE SELECTED heheheheheh.

CEO, Marketing head and Chef are hell bent on taking just One Event Per Day, irrespective of the scale, lest they have a reason to not attend each and every event. They have no maximum or minimum nos. and ever since the launch event in the October of 2014, SelectED has curated events from a 15 person private sit-down dinner to a destination wedding for 1000 guests to a massive 3500 Gala Conference Dinner for Doctors at an entire stadium.

Ishaan Sarkar the CEO of SelectED emphatically states that when he started this venture he was pretty sure that he would not want this to be another “run of the mill” catering service and waste his or his employer’s time and finances. From the moment the team visits a prospective client, the innovation and the difference is noted by the client. They don’t believe in taking the menu to the client but the actual samples of food for tasting. He says his exact words to the client are, “Chai aapki peeyenge, par khaana aap humara khaiye!!!” (Tea we will drink at your place, but food you will have to have from ours.)

The Choices - Spoilt by them 
What a different level of Outdoor catering SelectED has taken the whole industry to, amazing . Perfection to the minutest details , a team of chefs trained abroad , the crockery , cutlery designed specially for them , the whole experience was so personified and impressive. 

The Crafted Menu for the Evening

SelectED events are Quality over Quantity. Rather than having a 10 km long buffet with countless dishes, they believe in customizing each dish for your guest at every event.

High time someone entered this arena of catering , people are aware , they are choosy , they are travelled , they know what they eat , they know what their guest wil appreciate so why not fil this gap .

Sarson Mousse with Makki Biscotti
Pureed Mustard foliage mousse with corn biscotti
“Why should everything be conventional, when by tweaking a little detail things can get so much more interesting”. Says Chef Gaurav 

Tandoori Atlantic Salmon, Basil Pesto
Aloo chokha/papaya relish

Ennai kathrikai with String Hoppers and Tamarind Salsa
Stuffed baby aubergines and sting hoppers teamed with tamarind salsa

look at the presentation so amazing hated spoiling it . The ordinary Ghar ka Baigan gets a beautiful face lift and a mix of tangyness ... outstanding vegetarian dish .

Quesadillas with Kadahi Sabzi Ratatouille
Mini cottage cheese steaks with stir fried vegetables in mild spices

Gucchi Khichadi with Nimona Fragrant Basmati Rice with Stuffed Pickled Salan

Raspberry sorbet in chocolate cup, ghewar Tiramisu & gulab jamun tart

Chef Gaurav Mathur

SelectED under the able guidance of the very competent Chef Gaurav Mathur has adopted innovative methods of cooking and presentation of food before it lands on the diner’s plate. He says the clientele today is aware, well travelled and adventurous. Always ready to experiment with cuisines their discerning palate keeps shifting from traditional to contemporary, from Desi to World cuisine and now with Fusion and Molecular gastronomy taking the culinary industry by storm the SelectED bridges these gaps and ever ready to satisfy this sophisticated yet oscillating clientele.

Creating Magic with Food is a passion for them and fusion-food is high on the agenda, the enterprising team of chefs have constantly experimented and still keeps at it, to bring to you an innovative range of dishes and menus to stimulate both the mind and the palate. Creations like Chicken Tikka Pies & Pav Bhaji Sliders not only tickle your taste buds but this visual work of art also encourages interaction among the guests. And talking about interaction, a completely new concept of Interactive Counters, where the Chef behind the live counter, personalizes and tweaks each helping as per the diner’s preferences making them feel like a VIP.

Was totally bowled over by the entire event , the presentation , the personification to  detail, the props , the presentation of food , the concept of deconstruction of simple dishes to keep the basic falvors intact , the freshness of the catch could be well witnessed , the labour , the passion behind each dish showed so evidently ... like i said they have taken Catering to another level. 

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